The General Lee

Our 1968/69 General Lee

The car was an import from the USA. The first time the car was started after import the engine caught fire and severe damage was caused to the engine bay. All the engine ancillaries and wiring were burned to a crisp and the fire was only just contained in time before spreading through to the interior.

Fast forward a year or two and we were able to acquire the car from the salvage company charged with disposing of it. Once the engine was removed and stripped we found the 440 block was sound and the bodywork pristine under the thick orange paint - definitely an ex-desert car. We have now commenced work to get the car on the road and registered (as a General Lee for now)

A particular point of interest is the model year. someone has gone to a lot of trouble to install a 1969 rear light cluster and front grille but as you can see from the photos (look at the indicator repeaters) the car is actually a 1968. On removing the endgine we were somewhat bemused by the gearbox/clutch setup. The car was originally 318 column-shifted auto but a 440 and 4 speed manual trans had been swapped in. Everything was jury rigged and we don't think the car would have got very far under its own power (assuming it hadn't burst into flames). The plan at present is to put it back to an auto transmission but with a centre console.