1965 Dodoge Coronet

1965 Dodge Coronet 440

This car was imported from Texas in 1999. The originl plan was to purchase a 1968/9 Dodge Charger but the examples on offer were wildly overpriced considering their condition. After viewing several Mopars including a 1970 Dart and a 1975 Gold Duster this Coronet was dicovered on a used car lot.

The original 318 had been swapped for a (tired) 440. The bodywork on this car is truly excellent. There is little or no rust and minimal damage to the panels. Most of the original trim is in place but unfortunately part of the interior for a 1965 Dodge Coronet 500 has been installed.

Although the bodywork is in good condition the paint leaves a lot to be desired and desperately needs a respray. Currently the mechanicals need a service which is planned for the spring of 2010. The car has perfomed well as a reliable weekend driver and now needs some TLC to freshen it up ready for the summer.

The car has made a few quarter mile passes since being imported and the best time is a 15.7 although this was a one-off and times in the 16s are more common.